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Get started – enter product key – – When it comes to security setups, Norton is known as one of the most reputed brands dedicated to the security of the devices. The reason for that is the time which it has given to the field of security suites. Being one of the oldest security products, it enjoys the trust of millions of users from across the world. Norton is one of the most extensively used security solutions because of the protection which it offers. Norton is compatible with PCs, laptops, smartphones, as well as tablets. It is a value for money product with a vast number of security layers that can protect your device from almost every kind of threat. If you want to opt for the Norton Setup, you can visit the link

How to Download and Install Norton Setup?

If you want to use the product on your device, the first thing you will have to do is to purchase the product. You can also opt for a free trial to check how the product works on your device. Later purchase it from the website or from any offline source. Once you have purchased the product, create an account, and follow the below-mentioned steps. You can create the account by visiting the link and then signing in by entering the required details. Once you have entered the details, click on the Agree button to create your account. After creating your account, download, install, and then activate your Norton Setup for your device protection. Below we have mentioned the steps for downloading and installing the Norton Setup; you may follow them accordingly.

  • After creating your account, go to the and login to your account and then click on Get Started.
  • Look for the product key in your mail if you have purchased the Norton Setup online or check on the retail card if you have purchased the product offline. Enter the product key and then
  • tap on the “Agree and Download” button.
  • In the meanwhile, you can also opt for automatic renewal service if required.
  • After downloading, double-click on the Norton setup file.
  • Follow the installation steps that you will find on your screen.

After completing the installation procedure, you can activate the suite on your system for using it.

norton com setup

How to Activate Norton Setup?

norton setup

Once your download and installation procedure get completed, activate your Norton Setup with these easy steps:

  • Click on the icon to launch it.
  • Once you have launched the Norton Setup, tap on the “Activate Now” button.
  • Enter your 25-digit Norton setup key.
  • After that, follow the directions on the screen to activate Norton.

If you purchased the product offline, then the Norton setup key will be present in the package. Online buyers of Norton products can access the product key from their inbox. If you have lost the product key, then you can recover it from your Norton account.

How to Renew your Existing Subscription?

If you already have a Norton subscription and it has expired, then you can renew it by the following steps:

  • Open your Norton software and then locate the “Help” button and click on it.
  • Then click on the “Account Information.”
  • In the account information settings, click on “Product key.”
  • Enter your 25-digit Norton product code.
  • Then click on “Next.”
  • You will see further directions appearing on the screen. You need to follow them to renew your subscription.
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office com setup – One of the renowned tech-giant in today’s time is Microsoft. Microsoft Office is available in different versions such as Office 2019, Office 365, Office 2016, Office 2013, Office 2010, and Office 2007. It is one of the best software suite for any PC. You might have used already one or all of these tools offered by Microsoft at your home or office. These tools can help you complete various smallest and significant tasks and projects on your computer. If you don’t have MS Office in your PC, get the Office setup from

Steps to Download Microsoft Office Setup on Mac and Windows

download office setup

It is necessary to have the Office subscription or package for using downloading the Office setup. If you don’t have the same, you can quickly get the same from the official or third-party website or through the nearest retail store. Go through these steps to download the Office setup on Mac and Windows:

  1. Visit and get the desired productive suit from there.
  2. You will have to choose the ideal Office version from the available options, which are most likely to be 2019, 365, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007.
  3. Select the package and add it to the cart.
  4. Once you have added, make the payment of the same.
  5. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, you need to create one.
  6. For students, there is an exemption. They can even log in with their ID card.
  7. Now, click on the ‘Option’ button from the homepage.
  8. You will now see the listed Office products on your screen.
  9. Find the desired Office product that you want through the Control+F command or scroll till the bottom of the screen to find the one that you want.
  10. Read the given description of the product and check whether your computer has the same specification as asked in the product or not.
  11. If it is compatible, hit the Install button present on the screen.
  12. Your Office setup will start downloading soon.

In this way, your desired Office product will be successfully downloaded your PC and you can move for the installation process.

Steps to Install Microsoft Office Setup on Mac and Windows

Office setup installation for Windows

Office setup installation for Mac

  1. Visit the folder where you downloaded the Office setup.
  2. Usually, the downloaded files are found in the ‘Downloads’ folder.
  3. Once you see the setup file through anyway, double-click on it.
  4. Select the Yes option available on the next screen.
  5. Your Office setup will be successfully installed in a while.
  6. Hit the Finish button at last when it prompts on the screen to complete the installation process.
  1. Use the finder in your Mac to locate the downloaded file.
  2. Once you find the downloaded file, double-click on the same and then choose the Next option.
  3. Read the given Terms and Conditions on your screen and hit the ‘I Agree’ button when you are done satisfied with what you read.
  4. You will see the Continue button on the screen now. Click on it.
  5. Then, click the Install button, and you will be asked to enter your Mac’s security password.
  6. Provide the same and then hit the Install Software button at last.
  7. The installation process will begin, and once you hit the Finish button, the Microsoft Office product that you wished will be successfully installed in your Mac.

Steps to Activate Microsoft Office Setup

A valid product activation key will be essential for you to activate your installed Office product. It is used to check the authenticity of the product. You can get the product key from the product purchased mail or the retail card. Follow these steps for activation:

  1. After you successfully install the Office product, you will see the shortcut to open it on your main screen or taskbar.
  2. Launch the installed Office program and go to the Activate section.
  3. Click on the Activate button and wait for the wizard to appear.
  4. Choose to activate MS Office when it asks you.
  5. Go to the screen by clicking the Next option.
  6. You will be asked to enter the product activation key now.
  7. Provide the key in the requested column and follow the given instructions on the screen.
  8. Your Office product will be successfully activated in your device.
activate office setup – Download,Install and Activate McAfee – The world of the internet is spreading towards the next stage of its advancements. In the wake of these latest technologies, cyber-crimes are also increasing day by day. These threats make the data vulnerable to various online as well as offline threats. Once these harmful elements or viruses enter our device, it affects the whole of the device, including the private data and other information. The digital market is full of antivirus tools that help to remove these harmful elements from the device. One such antivirus program is McAfee that is well facilitated with various anti-malware and antivirus tools.

McAfee is one of the most powerful programs holding the capability to work on all OS devices such as Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, etc.One can fetch detailed information about this program at

Method for Downloading McAfee Antivirus on Main System

mcafee com activate

Consumers who are willing to get the antivirus program downloaded can fetch the complete instructions by reading this section carefully. In order to avoid any mishaps, it is requested to read all the mentioned steps:

  • Launch the device and fire your web-browser to expand.
  • Then, you have to type the website link that is into the browser’s search bar.
  • After, hit the Enter key to process the entered keywords.
  • Next, press on the option “My Accounts.”
  • Now, tap on the button “Log-In” and fill all the provided information boxes.
  • Go to the Subscription tab and hit on it.
  • After that, select the OS on which your device is working. Now, choose the subscription as per the device compatibility.
  • Press the options tab, “Download.”
  • Hit the Agree button there.
  • The process of downloading will initiate after a while, and you have to wait for some time until the process completes.
  • Now, restart your device to accept the changes.

Method for Downloading McAfee on Another Device

McAfee provides users two different options for downloading McAfee setup:

  1. For main device
  2. For secondary device

If you wish to download the complete McAfee setup on your secondary device, then pursue these guidelines:

  • Open your device.
  • After that, hit the search bar by launching the existing browser.
  • Once the search panel becomes ready to accept your entries, then type and click on the Go button. One can hit the Enter button to perform the process.
  • Next, hit the available button, “My Account.”
  • Then, hit the Log-in tab and, after that, type all the mandatory information into the asking areas.
  • Next, tap the subscription option, and after that, select your device OS type and proceed to the next step.
  • After that, select the option to send a link to another device. Now you will be asked a new mail address on which you wish to download the setup.
  • Then, you have to launch the secondary device and expand the mail application.
  • Search for the mail for downloading McAfee. Once you get it, hit on it to initiate the downloading process.
  • Press the Download button for executing the process of McAfee download.
  • The whole downloading will complete after a second. The process might take some extra time as per your device type and internet speed.

Method for Installing McAfee with Ease

Once you have got the complete download setup of McAfee via, you must proceed with these instructions. It will guide you regarding the installation process in an easy and effortless manner.

  • Hit the menu tab there.
  • After that, press the navigation bar to locate the downloaded file that might be stored on your Downloads folder.
  • Now, press the file icon to launch it.
  • The installation procedure will initiate after some time of tapping the downloaded file.
  • Finally, the installation process will complete after a little time.

Method for Activating McAfee with Ease

First of all, it is recommended to keep the 25-digit activation key ready with you as it will be necessary to enter into the activation section. The product activation key can be accessed by searching on the product package or the mail ID (in case of Online.)First and foremost, hit the browser and tap on the search bar.

Then, type the keywords and go to the main page of McAfee.

After that, hit the section resembling for managing your account. It is the section of “My accounts.”

Press the option “Log-In.”

Then, enter all the required details and hit on Continue.

Type or select the preferred language and country.

Now, type the mail address into the mailbox section.

After that, you will be asked to provide a 25-digit activation key for activating the complete subscription package.

Hit the tab Continue.

After a while, you will get the message that your activation process is successful.

How to Use Time to Walk Feature in Apple Fitness Plus?

Apple use to add several new services and apps to its health and fitness device that is Apple Watch. The company has recently introduced an interesting and new feature, “Time to Walk,” officially especially for Apple Fitness+ subscribers on its wearable device. This feature provides an inspiring audio walking experience on Apple Watch. The feature is made to encourage fitness and health-conscious persons to go for healthy walks.

“Time to Walk” enables the users to get audio content from interested and influential persons who share stories, music, photos, etc., on several topics. Each episode takes up to twenty-five to forty minutes, and you can quickly access all of them right on your Apple Watch. You can also access available episodes by navigating the Fitness+ section available in the Fitness app on your smartphone.

Here are the steps to know how you can access and use the newly introduced feature of “Time to Walk”:

Workout with Apple Fitness+

Apple Fitness+ enables the users to get their next workout and customize their in-session metrics with several features. You can get the tips of the world’s best trainer’s right on your device.

Pairing Bluetooth Headphones Right on Your Apple Watch

Before using “Time to Walk” on your device, it is necessary to have a pair of Bluetooth headphones connected to your Apple Watch. Here’s how to do the same:

  • At the start, tap the Digital Crown to access the home screen of your Apple Watch.
  • Then, press the Settings icon to launch the respective app.
  • Now, hit the Bluetooth option there.
  • Tap on the device’s name you like to pair with.
  • You can see the pairing status on your Apple Watch’s status bar. Once it starts showing “paired,” you will be able to view the option “Connected” right on the Bluetooth setting of your Apple Watch. Then, you can easily stream your desired music.

Getting Started with Time to Walk on Apple Watch

Before going to start the “Time to Watch” Experience, you must need a pair of Bluetooth headphones and AirPods paired and connected to your smart wearable device. Here is how:

  • First of all, open the Workout app on your Apple Watch.
  • Hit the menu tab available on the tile option “Time to Walk” situated at the upper section of the list.
  • Press the particular episode of “Time to Walk” you like to experience.

Controlling Time to Walk Playback

Once you have started the Time to Walk episode, an outdoor walk workout will begin automatically. You can easily manage and control the respective playback of the episode “Time to Walk,” just like any other audio.

 Here is how to control Time to Walk Playback on your SmartWatch:

  • First of all, swipe your Watch screen leftward from the workout page.
  • Then, hit the playback controls option to control your episode.
  • Now, you can easily play or pause your Time to Walk episode. Go back fifteen seconds or skip thirty seconds ahead; you can do what you want. You may also adjust where your audio is going and see what’s next in the playlist, just as you do in your music app.

As you know how to use Time to Walk service of Apple Fitness+ right on your Apple Watch, pair your Bluetooth headphones to your wearable device first, get started with “Time to Walk,” and control your playback per your wish. 

Wilder Zayn  is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security,cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes security products.


How to Use Screen Recognition on iPhone?

Apple is among the trusted smartphone brands in terms of easy accessibility and reliability. Therefore it regularly tries to improve its features and tools to make the gadget accessible for each user. One of such successful efforts is the introduction of VoiceOver. It’s the screen reader and recognition tool developed especially for low-vision and blind persons.  It brings the voice feature to the next level.  With this new feature provided by Apple, users can easily have their smartphone’s screen read to them, even if the user didn’t optimize the apps for VoiceOver.

If you want to activate and use the Screen Recognition feature on your device, then follow these straightforward steps:

More about Screen Recognition

Screen Recognition has provided several improvements in the already-existing VoiceOver feature. It automatically detects the entire layout of the particular element in the user interface section, especially if the user is not optimized for VoiceOver.

Previously, users need to manually handle every element of the app’s interface for using VoiceOver, especially for visually impaired persons. With this screen recognition feature, we have Machine learning functionality to automatically detect and label each tab, icon, slider, and button.

On iPhone, Screen Recognition is computer vision functionality. It has been successfully checked on thousands of images of apps. The particular algorithm detects the relevant button, tab, and icons to let the user know how several on-screen elements differ from each other. It can easily recognize every element from images using common tabs and icons like labels, back, or home.

Uses of Screen Recognition Feature

It is used to detect and analyze UI elements: from easy to extremely complicated ones. The screen recognition of VoiceOver is a useful feature that automatically detects several updated controls and helps visually impaired users understand each UI aspect and function.

Screen Recognition ensures that every tab, icon, and button is properly labeled and thus provides the privileges for visually impaired users about every change made on their device’s screen.

Steps to Switch ON the Screen Recognition Feature

Here is how to enable Screen Recognition on your device:

  • First and foremost, tap the gear-shaped app’s icon to launch the Settings page.
  • Now, hit the Accessibility tab there.
  • After that, go to the Vision category and then press the VoiceOver option there.
  • Tap the option “Screen Recognition” and then turn it on.
  • After that, return to the previous page.
  • Now, Toggle the VoiceOver to ON.

Note: It is recommended to have LTE or Wi-Fi switched on as Screen Recognition needs downloading some data for the process to complete.

Steps to Add Screen Recognition to Rotor

You might like to add the feature of Screen Recognition to Rotor for manually activating the accessibility feature while using the function of VoiceOver.

 In order to add Screen Recognition to Rotor, follow these guidelines:

  • First and foremost, open the Settings app on your screen.
  • Then, hit the Accessibility option and press the tab VoiceOver located under the Vision category.
  • Press the Rotor option there.
  • Now, scroll down a little and then press the Screen Recognition tab.

Screen Recognition helps the visually impaired users to read the iPhone screen conveniently using several advancements made by Apple in its VoiceOver tool. It detects the entire layout or the VoiceOver elements using the device’s user interface, especially for the apps that are not optimized for VoiceOver.

Wilder Zayn  is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security,cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes security products.


How to Prevent Zoom Bombing on Video Calls

the importance of family and friends, and how a user can stay connected with them. Video calling is the best way to keep connected with family and friends, but someone in the group may start sharing inappropriate pictures or say obscene things.

However, it’s not anyone’s fault because it can happen anytime during meetings or video calls. So to prevent Zoom bombing, users must take some strict actions to keep their video conference safe.

What is Zoom bombing?

Zoombombing is not a virus or anything similar to this, but it’s an act. If any person creates disturbance during a video conference or takes control over the whole meeting and shares unwanted or inappropriate stuff in the meeting, it is described as Zoombombing.

People from several video conferencing services like Zoom, Skype, WebEx have face Zoombombing. Whoever performs Zoombombing mainly targets big organizations, companies, educational institutes, and also the government. In 2020, Zoombombing became a massive and a major threat to the people and organizations, which is why video conferencing companies started to improve their privacy for prevention.

How to Prevent Zoom bombing

Keep a Password of Meeting

Zoombombing can happen anytime and from anyone. It can cause a lot of trouble if the meeting is not password protected. There are a lot of people in the world that try to enter the meeting using the URL. URLs that are not password protected are easier to find and accessible, so the basic thing an organizer should do is keep the meeting protected by using a password.

Launch Zoom video conferencing app.

Choose a Schedule

Below the Security, utilize the suggested password or create your own password.

Don’t Post Links on Public Pages

By using the Zoom meeting link, anyone can enter the meeting. Publicly posting links on pages like school or company’s website can invite Zoombombers. So make sure to share links privately to those who want to join. The Internet is an open platform, so every user must stay protected.

Create a Waiting Room

  • Launch Zoom app.
  • Choose Schedule.
  • Below Security, mark on the checkbox of the Waiting Room.
  • Plan your meeting with the right schedule.

Disable Screen Share

  • Move to Host Controls during an ongoing meeting.
  • Press an arrow close to Screen Share.
  • Press Advanced Sharing Options.
  • Press Only Host in Who can share? Section.
  • Cut the window.
  • Resume ongoing Zoom call.

Change Meeting ID for Every Meeting

  • Launch Zoom app.
  • Choose Schedule.
  • Underneath the Meeting ID section, press Generate Automatically.
  • Schedule a meeting.

Lock the Meeting

  • During an ongoing meeting, move into Host Controls.
  • Choose the Security tab.
  • Press Lock Meeting.

Keep Meeting Protected from Zoom bombing

Zoombombing isn’t a minor threat for anyone. It can cause big trouble in such a short time. After facing a lot of Zoombombing, almost every company creates its private meeting rooms to keep protected. Online meetings, online classes, online interviews are now part of society, and people should be more aware of their safety.


The great thing here for the users is that they can easily protect themselves from Zoombombing. Every step that is mentioned above is easy to perform, and by following the steps, users can improve the privacy of their meetings. However, this isn’t foolproof security, but still, users can protect themselves from becoming an easy victim of Zoom bombing.

Wilder Zayn  is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security,cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes security products.


Want to Level up to Chrome 88 on Mac or Windows? Here’s How

So, how to upgrade your Mac or Windows device to Chrome 88? Well, you may follow this article to the end. Even though developed to be safe by default, the zero-day security vulnerabilities are quite common on Chrome. Being aware of the reports exploiting CVE-2020-16009 in the wild, Google recently released the Stable channel to deal with such vulnerabilities.

This version is all set to roll out in the next few days. However, individuals can also upgrade to Chrome 88 by following the steps mentioned below. Recently, Google has introduced an update for the Stable channel for Mac, Windows, and Linux so as to deal with the actively exploited zero-day security vulnerability in the Chrome browser’s version 88. Within the upcoming days, this version will be rolled out for the entire community. As per the confirmations, Even though Google knew about the reports that an exploit for CVE-2020-16009 exists in the wild; however, despite that, it did not have any further information related to the threat creators behind the attacks. So, that’s what Google has revealed at this point.

How to upgrade to Chrome 88.0.4324.150?

So, how to upgrade to Chrome 88 on Mac as well as Windows PC? Well, you need to follow the procedure mentioned below:

  1. First, head over to the “Settings.”
  2. Under the settings page, locate the option stating “Help.”
  3. Further, head over to the option “About Google Chrome.”
  4. Upon clicking it, Chrome will check for the most recent update, and if any update is found, it will be installed accordingly. Now you need to rest assured as it’s an entirely automatic process. So, just sit back and allow the procedure to finish.

If waiting is not what you want, you can update your Linux, Mac, or Windows system to Chrome 88 by following the instructions mentioned above; meanwhile, please be noted that the updates happen in the background, so you need to reopen the Chrome browser. Keeping your browser up to date will ensure you have the latest features and security patches to be on the safer side.

That’s all you need to do. Now that you know the steps, you can upgrade to Chrome Version 88 without any troubles. Do let us know in the comment section below if you face any issues.

Wilder Zayn  is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security,cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes  security products.

Show or Hide Installed Apps on Apple Watch With These Steps

In this article, we have discussed the ways using which you can show or hide the installed Apps on your Apple Watch. Due to privacy issues, individuals prefer hiding personal apps like habit trackers and finance-related apps on their wearable and iOS devices. Though a strong password always helps safeguard apps from unauthorized access, it’s pretty good to add an extra layer of security so as to prevent the information. You get a comparatively better way to hide or show installed apps on watchOS than iOS. If you haven’t tried using it, you may follow the details listed further.

How to Show or Hide Installed Apps on Apple Watch

The ability to conceal Apple Watch apps is located inside wearable’s companion app known as “Watch” for iPhone. This app displays the list of all the applications that have been installed on the watch ever since. This makes it pretty convenient to put all the apps behind a shield or show them whenever required. Once you have hidden the apps, you may bring them back with the help of the toggle button. Yes, it’s that easy. With that said, let’s get started with the steps to show/hide the installed apps on an Apple Watch.

  1. On your paired iOS device, you need to launch the Watch app.
  2. Further, ensure that the “My Watch” tab present on the bottom-left side of the display is selected.
  3. Now, scroll below to the section “Installed on Apple Watch.” The entire list of applications ever installed on your wearable will appear. Among the list, you need to select the one that you need to hide.
  4. Then, turn off the toggle appearing right next to the apps that you want to hide, and that’s it. The changes made will be saved immediately. All the selected apps will get removed from the home screen of your Apple Watch right away.
  5. Further, if you want the apps to be displayed on your wearable device, you need to tap on the toggle to turn it on. on toggle, and the app will appear on your screen in no time.

That’s it. These were the steps using which you can show or hide apps on your Apple Watch easily. With the steps mentioned above, concealing apps on a watchOS device is just a matter of seconds. This would prevent extra defense and an additional layer of security to your information.

So, have you tried this method helpful? Do let us know in the comment section below. Your feedback is valuable to us.

Wilder Zayn is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security,cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes security products.

Some Interesting Benefits and Features of Using Microsoft Office 365

Hereby, you will be informed of some cool feature points and advantages of having an activated Microsoft Office 365 in your system.

Microsoft Office is almost like a weapon in contemporary office circles. Without it, we cannot imagine a workspace. It offers a wide range of applications and toolkits, which facilitates the productivity of the workspace and enables a user to perform primitive tasks with its computing device. You must be familiar with Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, OneNote, and Access.

You are aware of its common features, for instance, short cut keys.

However, Microsoft adheres to its principles of upgrade and growth and has introduced some new features, which you might use if you have a Microsoft Office actuated in your system. Microsoft has introduced these features to enhance the productivity of the user or a team, and they are pushing the walls to enable the user to further boost up the collaborative efforts of the user.

Some New Features of Microsoft Office

1) Instantaneous Collaboration in Co-Authoring a File in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

Suppose you are writing an executive summary in Microsoft Word, and you want to share it with your team, who can, in turn, see your writing and suggest some changes. You can easily achieve this while using Microsoft Word from Microsoft Office 365. From there on, you can even proceed to share your files on OneDrive or choose to use SharePoint to collaborate with others. You can also directly share the file from the side-bar.

2) Team Conference

If you feel the need to have a team conversation, be it audio or video-based, while sharing the screen, you can do that by availing yourself to something called “Microsoft Teams in-app configurations.” You can do your work while talking with your team; however, you also have the option of closing down your work and continue to speak to the team while using the Microsoft Teams feature.

3) Convert Your Mouse Pointer into a Laser Pointer for Effective Presentations

While giving presentations, you can proceed to hit on a very simple keyboard key-Ctrl+P, in order to turn your simple invisible mouse pointer into a bright laser pointer.

4) No Need to Send Email Attachments

You must be very much familiar with the email attachments tradition where you send a file to your coworker, they download it, and then they edit. There is no need for such a time-consuming process anymore. You can simply proceed to add your file in your Microsoft OneDrive, and then share a link with your coworker using Microsoft Outlook.

OneDrive will automatically grant permission to your coworker to view and edit files.

5) Attach Notes As Calendar Events

Any note in Microsoft OneNote can be converted to deadline-specified tasks using a new feature. You can also add few other details like location, date, time, and nature of the task. Using OneNote, you can also send emails with a OneNote file specifying the number of minutes taken in a meeting.

6) Convert Your Files into PDF Formatted File

After you are finished writing your Word files, spreadsheet files, or publication files, you can convert it easily using an in-built PDF converter feature. Just go onto files, and then click on Save As to save the file in any format you wish.

7) Convert Your Prosaic Data into a Visualized Map

Power Map is a new addition to Excel, where you can convert and visualize your mathematical data into a map. This feature is powered by Power BI, which enables a user to visualize, analyze, and learn data points comprehensively. You can also make use of different date filters offered by Power Map, namely Advanced, Range, or List.

Advantages of Using Microsoft Office 365

One of the prime advantages of using Microsoft Office 365 is an easy and effective mode of collaboration.

Other facets of benefits include using the software from anywhere on planet earth; you and your team just need to be connected with the web. Since the Office runs on cloud-based operations, you can easily access emails, share files, and join meetings, conferences, and schedule collaborative working hours.

As you know, since it’s cloud-based, the probability of losing your data is very low, Microsoft Office 365 not only comes with a handful of features, but it also ensures comprehensive data security and reliability.

Another prime advantage of activating Microsoft Office 365 is that it is a subscription-based application. So, you need to pay just one time and enjoy the features for the rest of the year.

You can also argue that the easy-to-understand features of Microsoft Office are one of its advantages. You can start by working with the features you already know how to use.


Microsoft Office is still one of the most powerful applications in the entire computing system. You can accomplish almost your entire corporate world tasks with just a working Microsoft Office 365 in your system. 

Wilder Zayn  is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security,cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes security products.


How to Install Third-Party Shortcuts on iPad and iPhone

The default Shortcuts app on iPad and iPhone is designed to perform several tasks at once automatically with just a single command. Users can pick default shortcuts or create their own shortcuts using Shortcuts app. People who want to use shortcuts, but don’t want to get bothered by creating one, so they obviously choose default shortcuts to perform tasks. However, custom shortcuts are different and can perform additional tasks.

Shortcuts app on iPad and iPhone was useful from the beginning but now after the launch of iPadOS 14 and iOS 14, it can be easily accessed. The custom shortcuts feature has opened infinite ways for users, and as a result, now the Shortcuts app can do a lot of tasks. Users can find custom shortcuts that are created by other users. If the user doesn’t find enough shortcuts in the app, they are also allowed to install a third-party custom shortcuts app on iPad and iPhone app. So if anyone is interested in using third-party apps, here’s what they have to do.

How to Allow Third-Party/Untrusted Shortcuts on iPad and iPhone

iPad and iPhone will not allow users to install third apps for shortcuts, but users can in through settings. So let’s get started:

  • Open Settings.
  • Slide down to the bottom and press Shortcuts to proceed further.
  • In the Shortcuts section, toggle on Allow Untrusted Shortcuts option.
  • Now tap Allow.
  • After pressing the Allow button, users might need to type the device password.
  • Now download a third-party app or visit to get plenty of shortcuts for both iPad and iPhone devices.
  • On the website, choose a shortcut first.
  • Click Get Shortcut and start its installation process.
  • After this step, the shortcut will ask to open in the Shortcuts app and will display all its actions.
  • Scroll to the bottom and find the Add Untrusted Shortcuts option.
  • Press the Add Untrusted Shortcuts to allow this following shortcut to perform tasks on the device.
  • After allowing this shortcut, it will appear in My Shortcut tab of the Shortcuts app.

In the same way, users can install many more shortcuts and add them to their shortcuts gallery. There are plenty of apps and websites that provide useful shortcuts for iPad and iPhone users.

Apart from all these things, there’s an important thing that every user must be aware of is that Apple does not review these third-party shortcuts. So if any user is allowing third-party shortcuts to run on their device, they’re doing it at their own risk. So unless the source of the third-part shortcut is trustworthy, users shouldn’t do anything.

It is true that with help of third party shortcuts users can have a wide variety of custom shortcuts. People who don’t have time to learn the creating procedure or to create custom shortcuts, they can rely on suggestions and third-party shortcuts.

After the launch of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, Shortcuts app received a folder feature which allows the user to save the shortcuts category wise. People who have a lot of shortcuts in their device folder feature can help them to manage shortcuts properly.


Installing custom third-party shortcuts on iPad and iPhone devices is pretty simple. The only drawback of third-party shortcuts is its privacy. People who don’t want to use any untrusted app or shortcuts, they should only try out the recommended shortcuts of Shortcuts app.

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